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Near City & Inner East Rent Roll

Rent Roll of approximately 73 properties

68 residential + 5 commercial
Annual income from residential Management Fees and Rent Collection of $83,570.82
Extra income from fees & charges $23,397.77
Average Annual Management Income (AAMI) per Residential Property is $1,228.98
Residential Rent Roll Component for sale at $275,783.71

Approximately 5 commercial properties – revenue details will be provided separately

Whole Rent Roll for sale at $311,386.70 ($3.30 per $1.00 Residential & $2.50 per $1.00 Commercial)


This Melbourne-wide rent roll is available as one portfolio or in two separate parcels (see also listing #1550). Office currently located in inner eastern suburbs. Seller will show flexibility in allotting properties to suit efficient distribution of managements. Some properties are outside the inner-east and seller will consider allocating to separate portfolio.

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