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Western Suburb (Less than 30km from Brisbane) Rent Roll & Agency

Rent Roll of approximately 473 properties

Approximately 473 residential properties
Annual income from Management Fees and Rent Collection of $714,017.57
Extra income from fees & charges $112,701.72
Average Annual Management Income (AAMI) per Residential Property is $1,509.55
Doolandella, Forest Lake, Inala and surrounding suburbs
Residential Rent Roll for Sale at $2,142,052.71 or $3.00 per $1.00 income

Approximately $462,328.00 in commissions over the last 12 months
Over $1,560,000.00 in current listings
Lease expiry Nov 2023, with option to re-negotiate
Agency for sale at $30,000.00

Opportunity here to secure what appears to be a very well run Rent Roll and Sales Agency with a
solid reputation in a desirable location.

With an Average Commission % for the Rent Roll at almost 7.5% + GST and producing AAMI of just
over $1,500 this one is a solid income producer. Add to this a healthy level of additional income (over
15%) from the Extra Fees & Charges and you have the foundation for a very sound business. A real
bonus of course is that the income from the Rent Roll should cover all your outgoings which leaves
most of the income from sales as the cream on the cake!

Be sure to act fast to secure this opportunity while you can!

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